Leveraging our experience to make sound investment decisions.

At Lincoln, many of our professionals have worked in energy development for their entire careers, whether it be at oil and gas exploration and production companies or with solar development groups. This allows us to use an operator’s insight when making investment decisions as we understand the nuanced implications that various data points have on energy production.

Big Data Meets Energy Investing

Proprietary data visualization software allows us to see opportunities that others may miss and be first-to-market investors as resource plays develop.

Opportunistic Approach

Flexible investment strategy allows us to seek various opportunities across the energy sector and stay ahead in an always-evolving industry.

Diversified Asset Portfolio

Investing in projects from renewables to hydrocarbons across the lower 48 states spreads risk across energy types and geographies and provides cash flow from multiple sources.

Environment & Community

Lincoln is investing in solar and energy storage projects, recognizing the world’s desire of moving the power grid towards sustainability. We also believe it is imperative to continue to support hydrocarbon producers who generate the reliable energy for the needs of people today.

Selling Your Minerals?

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